Finally Released!

Mixed Up Volume 5 Released!

Posted on 02 May 2007
Announcing the long awaited release of Mixed Up Volume 5. I gave a pre-release copy of this to a friend and here's what he had to say:

"DJ Core’s latest CD release, Mixed Up Volume 5, is quite possibly one of the best trance mixes I have ever heard. The track selection is excellent, it has excellent flow and progression from one track to the next and interesting mixing and embellishments to an already killer track-list." --Zack from

Read the entire review.

Download the mix from the Mixes page. I should also have sent to Trance America and Mixing Bowl by tomorrow.


Posted on 25 Apr 2007
Thanks to the people over at Trance America for posting some of my mixes! They can be found here: in the downloads section.

Mixed Up Live Episode 9

Posted on 06 Feb 2007
Live from the COLD HELL HOUSE. Check it out on the Podcast page!

I'm still alive

Posted on 21 Dec 2006
Been busy! I finally moved into a house and I've been working on it in most of my spare time so I haven't put anything new out. I'm working on a mix that I'm hoping to release very soon though. Check out the tribute to my house site:

New Podcast Replaces Online Show

Posted on 26 Mar 2006
I decided to replace the online show (which I wasn't really keeping up with) with a bi-weekly Podcast. For those that don't know, a Podcast is basically a pre-recorded radio show in MP3 format. What does this mean for you the listener? Not a whole lot. You can still download the shows as before. Hop on over to the Podcast Page to learn more and to start downloading shows!

Mixed Up Volume 3

Posted on 12 Dec 2005
I'd like to announce the not so long awaited release of Mixed Up Volume 3. I spontaneously recorded it last Wednesday and it is in my opinion somewhat rough. Take a listen and let me know what you think!